Breathtaking innovation, that will make you live the thrill and excitement through live experience and unsurpassed real-life simulation.
Our XD Theater seats that boast up to 2Gs of acceleration and 400 movements/second. With our unique and cost effective motion seats, you wont have to compromise your standards for successful entertainment.
The XD Theater can turn any existing movie into a thrilling experience for investors, entertainment cities and tourist village developers. With this technology, we can turn any location into a real time motion theater with XD THEATER, 6D motion simulated thrill ride that transcends time, space and imagination.
Kids and families of all ages will love the fun, the thrill and the fantasy of the rides that will allow them to embark on an unpredictable breathtaking adventure; where they will dive into the deep blue oceans or cross the no man zones of the Sahara and into the dark caves of the ice age and volcanoes in a breathtaking true to life 6D adventure.
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